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About Me

Well, hello! Fancy seeing you here...Welcome to my humble 'About Me.'


My name is Malaz Elnaiem (Pronounced Ma-Laz  El-NA-eem). I'm a Sudanese-British, Yorkshire lass living in Lisbon, Portugal.

More About Me

Looking back, pretty much everyone in my life knew I was destined for a career in communications. When I was two years old, my mama told me I'd be a great journalist one day. I replied, "Noway José, I'm going to Hollywood to fulfil my dream as the first Black Catwoman." Clearly, mama's a psychic because soon after, Halle Berry filled that role, and here I am, taking on a gig in communications.

While I wouldn't mind being an A-list actress rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's elite, I enjoy helping startups build better brand experiences and create value for their audiences. Currently, I head social media and content for BlackPool Finance while completing a PhD in Communication Science focused on the "Crisis Communication Response to Cancel Culture and Racism." My versatility, educational background, and industry experience have proven invaluable in fast-paced startup environments.

A Bit More About Me

I'm an intersectional feminist with international agency experience. I've lived in the UK, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Sudan, and Portugal. My social and cultural awareness enables me to be attuned to the varied dynamics of multicultural teams. I lead with empathy and thrive in diverse environments.


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